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Reasons Why You Should Use Bike Instead Of Cars For Transportation

There are many genuine reasons you should use bicycles instead of cars for transportation. Cycling has many health, financial and environmental benefits, while cars are not environmentally friendly. Bikes have increased over the years, and many bike shops in London offer quality bikes at affordable prices. 

Cycling is good for the planet and is an affordable and quick way to travel and commute. We have discussed some reasons why you should leave your car and start your cycling journey. 

Cycling Is Cheaper 

No doubt cycling is cheaper than a car and comes at a price everyone can afford. You can get high-quality, durable bicycles from the best bike shops in Birmingham. You don't have to worry about the fuel prices, and the car requires high maintenance.

You can buy a bike within your budget, and it will last for years while you don't have to worry about the gas, parking fees, taxes or expensive servicing. A car requires huge finances, monthly payments, insurance, and other expensive maintenance. Buy your new bike now from the famous bike shops in London at a discounted price.

Health Benefits

Cycling has many health benefits and will help build muscle and keep your body in good shape. Cycling is a great exercise that will increase your endurance, lower your blood pressure, and even lose fat. Buy your new bike from the best bike shops in London and include it in your daily exercise.

Many health professionals also recommend cycling for at least an hour to improve your physical health. Cycling is an aerobic activity that will help increase your muscle strength and decrease your body fat.

Transportation benefits

Cycling is a speedy way to commute, and you can enjoy all the remarkable places and move around the city easily and quickly. You don't have to wait for a longer time in traffic delays, and there are short-cuts which you can take to reach your destination quickly.

You can also enjoy the benefits of the cycle2work scheme and can buy your new bike, accessories and spare parts from top-rated bike shops in London. Cycle to work is more reliable and a better option than public transport. If you choose a car or any other transport mode, you might get late because of the traffic.

Environmental Benefits 

Cycling is more affordable than a car, and you can operate a bicycle easily compared to a car. You dont have to worry about the monthly car payments, insurance, expensive maintenance and gas. It helps to reduce the carbon footprint as no harmful emissions are released when you ride your bike. Use a bike instead of a car and lower your environmental footprint.

When you ditch your car, you not only reduce the carbon footprint but also help to reduce noise pollution. A car requires many types of fluids to run, and all these fluids in the end make their way to local waterways. So buy your new bicycle from the best bike shops in Birmingham and save your environment. 


Posted on 22nd Aug 2022

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