Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

The aim of our bike fitting service is to bring together the bike and rider as one to optimise efficiency, power, and comfort.

Anyone can benefit from a bike fit, but we particularly recommend it for regular cyclists, those who cover long distances, riding sportifs or races and cyclists who experience pain or discomfort whilst riding.

The process examines the bicycle and rider interface, and takes into account your individual anatomy, flexibility, range of motion, and riding style to make the bike fit the rider for the use you want.

In most cases the bike fit can be performed on a bike that you already own, or alternatively it can be done at the same time as buying a new bike so you can be sure that the bike is right for you from the start.

Our bike fitting service has received recommendations from several cycling clubs and orthopaedic practitioners.

We have designed a staggered pricing structure for bike fitting depending on your personal requirements, however we have found that most clients opt for the deluxe fit to get the most from the process.

Bike fitting is by appointment only and currently only available in Birmingham. To make a booking please contact us.    

Bike Fit Process Deluxe Fit Standard Fit Cleat Fit
Interview to understand riding objectives and personal background tick tick tick
Personal measurements taken tick tick
Standing evaluation of postures tick tick tick
Assess range of motion and test tick
Measure and record bike set-up tick
Check and adjustment of cleat position and test tick tick
Check and adjust on the bike position and test tick tick
Summarise session tick tick tick
Record measurements and final set up tick


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