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Bike Fitting

Our aim

“When riding your bike you should feel powerful and efficient, with no pain or discomfort. Your pedalling should feel smooth and ‘easy’ and you will feel stable and planted on your saddle and pedals.”

If the paragraph above does not describe your riding position then a Bike Fit may be for you. Find out below how we can help you achieve an awesome riding position!

Bike Sizing Service - £30 (refunded on purchase of any bike)

We offer a Sizing Service with all drop-handlebar bikes that we sell. This ensures you purchase the correct bike, in the correct size to suit you. For many customers this is enough for them to be able to get out and enjoy their cycling. We undertake this Sizing Service using our state-of-the-art Retul Muve Fit Bike. This allows us to mock up any size of bike in order you to try out any bike before you buy.

Body Position Fit (Road Bikes) - £149

A Bike Fit is not just for ‘professionals’ – in fact the opposite may well be true! Recreational riders looking to get more enjoyment/miles out of their riding are ideal candidates for a Bike Fit.

Body Positioning is a knowledge-based approach to bike fitting rather than formula based. We look at cleat position, saddle height and fore/aft position and handlebar position.

This fit option is typically completed on your own bike, mounted on a static trainer. In some cases (for example prior to a new bike purchase we will complete the fit on our state-of-the-art Retul Muve Fit Bike).


Foot Optimisation Fit - £89 

For riders who have already had a Fit or are reasonably happy with their position there may still be gains to be had in terms of increasing stability, power and endurance on the bike.

The majority of people display asymmetries and imperfections which can result in poor proprioception from the feet, thus destabilizing the pelvis. In many cases saddle discomfort and other aches and pains can be attributed to poorly supported feet.

This fit option will assess your feet, shoes and cleats in order to effectively re-activate this proprioceptive feedback. Please note here may well be further purchases required on top of the Fit fee – typically £20-£100 depending on the need for wedges and footbeds.

Body Position Fit (Mountain Bikes) - £149

Mountain Biking arguably covers a wider variety of riding scenarios than road riding (Enduro, XC, Downhill etc etc) and typically sees the rider experience a great range of forces than other types of cycling.

We use the same Body Positioning approach as outlined for a Road Fit but take into consideration the unique demands of off-road riding

Body Position Fit (Time Trial/Triathlon) - £75/hour

The reality for most of us mere mortals is that we aren’t going fast enough to benefit from some of the tiny drag savings that may be found during prolonged, expensive wind tunnel suggestions. We do however need to have a sold, stable position to develop power from and most importantly this position needs to be stable for the duration of your intended event.

Body Positioning allows us to optimise the Fit for the unique demands of your chosen event. This fit option is best suited to middle and long distance triathletes and those competing over longer distance TTs. Due to the complexities and poor adjustability of modern TT bikes this Fit may be best performed on our Retul Muve fit bike. Resulting measurements can then be transferred over to your bike post-fit.

Cleat Fit - £30

We can install cleats on to appropriate shoes for you. We will do so using basic fore/aft and rotation measurements. This service is free of charge when purchasing both shoes and pedals from On Your Bike. Removal of old cleats from shoes can incur an additional charge of £10-15.

Additional purchases

Please note the cost of fit does not include cost of any parts that may be required, including stems, bars, wedges, shims etc. Installation of some items may incur a fitting charge – this will be charged at our standard labour rates discounted by 50%.


John, after Velo Birmingham, 25/9/2017:

“…the fit and all felt good, no hip pain. So a big thank you, not sure I would have managed it without the changes you made

Damo, 25/9/2017:

No issues at all on the bike pain/numbness free. Thanks for your advice


David, August 2017, from facebook:

Bike fit was excellent, lots of really useful guidance; most importantly the service was professional and ultimately the bike now feels like it fits me perfectly.”

How do I book a Bike Fit?

Bike Fitting is by appointment only and is currently only available in our Birmingham store.

The fit takes around an hour and a half to two hours. Slots are typically available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

Please email us at to make a booking.




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