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Why Bicycle riding is so popular?

Why Bicycle riding is so popular

Bicycles are one of the most popular human transport vehicles in the world. Bicycle riding has has multiple benefits. With its light weight, small size and simple mechanical design, it has become an essential part of everyday life. Whether, it is bicycle racing, cycle touring or commuting or some or a regular ride to your workstations, today, bicycles is one of the most preferable transport option among youngsters.

Advantages of Bicycle Riding

  1. Health and fitness: Cycling is an well recognized sport. It helps you to burn the extra fats and cholesterol and makes you physically fit. Besides, Bike riding can be helpful for shaping your positive psyche and sportsman attitude.

  2. Eco-friendly: Bicycles do not requires fossil fuels. When you paddle the static energy in your muscle start to convert into kinetic energy and then to mechanical energy which in turn, pushes your bicycle further. This makes it an eco friendly vehicle.

  3. Cost effective: It is is a cost effective vehicle. Unlike other motor bikes these are very cheap.

  4. Cool & attractive: Bicycles comes in multiple designs. Here at ‘On Your Bike’,  we are offering our customers bikes with unique aerodynamics.

  5. Best way to Ignore a traffic Jam:   If you are living in a metropolitan city, bicycles like folding bikes, road bikes and e-bikes can be a more comfortable and convenient way for you. Because of its small size, less weight, and folding nature, you can ignore frustrating traffic jams.

  6. Adventure & Sports: Bicycle riding is a profound sport. From off-road racing to regular road rush, urban stunts to mountain riding, bicycles riding is evolving like a craze!!

  7. Long rides: You can also use e-bikes for covering long distances. They are little different from as regular folding and sports bicycles. Often these bikes uses electric motors or batteries for storing charge.

  8. Versatility attracts buyers of different age group: Depending on the purpose of the riding, bicycles can be classified in various types. All of these different bikes are used for different purposes and possess  different characteristics. However, in order to find  your own dream bike, you must visit our copious stores. Here, at ‘OnYourBike’, we are offering our clients with all types of  folding and riding bikes. Our most popular categories of bikes are listed below.   

  1. Folding Bikes: Enjoy your daily bike riding with our limited editions of folding bikes. We are the best folding bike retailer in the UK.  Our bike are unique in their design and capable of giving you a smooth and as well as adventurous ride. Some advantageous characteristics of our folding bikes are as follows:

    • These bikes can be folded and unfolded within a few seconds, takes little space and easy to store. You can put it in the back of your car, or in a running bus and train.

    • These are good for crowded cities and helps you to ignore traffic jams.

    • They can be folded and unfolded in few minutes.

    • Folding bikes are compact, portable and lightweight.

  2. Kids bike: It has been proven by various scientific studies that our children and kids are more curious about their surrounding environment and this is why they loves to explore nature. Try our kid’s bikes and give your child a great outdoor exposure. We are one of the best kid’s bike retailers in UK. Our bike are available for kids of various ages, ranging from ‘beginner bikes’ to Mini MTBs. Whereas beginner's bikes are designed for minors and good for learning how to maintain balance, Mini MTBs are essential for tearing up the trail.

  3. Mountain Bike: Mountain bikes are good for off-road biking. If you are interested to become a mountain biker then you must try our indigenously designed mountain bikes. They are made up of high quality stainless steel and carbon fiber. So ride our wide ranges of mountain bikes and feel the force of adrenalin rush!

  4. Electric Bikes: These bikes are the most suitable option for covering long distances. Usually e-bikes uses a rechargeable battery and which is capable of  taking you 50-100 km in a single charge.

  5. Hybrid Bikes: As the name refers, hybrid bike are the amalgamation of other various biking technologies.  You can add different mudguard, racks and other numerous accessories with these bikes. Hybrid bike comes in various styles From flat road bikes to dual sport bikes, Our stores are full with all kinds of Hybrid bikes.

  6. Brompton Bike: Brompton bikes are the best city bike for students and city dwellers. These bikes take little space and can be folded  within few seconds. As a result these bikes can be put up in a crowded train or in a bus. ‘OnYourBike’ is the best folding bike retailer in the UK. We are also offering our clients with best custom made Brompton bikes in UK.


Posted on 5th Aug 2017

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