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Bicycle Repair

Depending on usage we recommend servicing your bike every 6 to 12 months. Most services are completed the same day

  Condition Report £ 30 Basic Service £ 49.50 General Service £ 69.50 Deluxe Service £ 129.50
Visual inspection of the bike, report issued with parts quotation tick tick tick tick
Tyres checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure tick tick tick tick
Wheels, Bars, Stem and Bolts, checked and tightened tick tick tick tick
Brake adjustment only   tick tick tick
Gear adjustment only   tick tick tick
Wheel bearings tightened and rims checked for wear   tick tick tick
Bottom bracket checked for free movement and adjusted     tick tick
All drive-train components removed, checked, cleaned and lubricated     tick tick
Wheels trued in jig     tick tick
Frame and forks cleaned     tick tick
Headset checked and adjusted     tick tick
Bottom bracket removed, re-greased and replaced       tick
Hubs removed , cleaned, checked and re-assembled       tick
Headset removed, cleaned, inspected, re-greased and fitted       tick

Prices are for labour only and inc VAT. Any parts required are extra. Basic, General and Deluxe services are subject to a £ 2.50 oil and rags charge.

Individual Jobs

Puncture repair  
Normal £ 10
Brompton rear wheel £ 15
Pashley or Gazel rear wheel £ 20
Geared Hub rear wheel £ 20
Wheel True (per wheel, spoke tension only) £ 15
Wheel True (per wheel, spoke replacement) £ 20
Wheel build (per wheel) £ 35
Brake Service
Inspection, adjustment and fitting of any cables and pads where required
£ 25
Hydraulic Brake Service (per break)
Inspection, adjustment, bleeding and fitting of parts where required
£ 25
Gear Service
Inspection, adjustment and fitting of any cables where required
£ 25
Bottom bracket Service
Removal, inspection and re-facing, re-tapping and fitting
£ 25
Headset Service
Removal, inspection, re-greasing, re-facing, reaming and fitting
£ 25
Hub Service  
Front £ 20
Rear £; 25
Internal Gears £ 50
Accessory Fitting (per accessory) £ 12.50
Full mudguard set £ 20

We are committed to keeping your bike on the road and we will endeavour to help you where we can. All our mechanics are Cytech qualified assuring you that your bike will be well serviced

Our workshop can get very busy so we encourage you to book your servicing in advance, and also ask you to promptly collect your bike once completed. We do charge a storage fee of £ 1.50 per day if you do not collect your bike within 24 hours of completion.



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